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Jedi archivists were Lore Keepers who delved into many areas of study, allowing the Force to guide them to their areas of specialty. They would receive and archive knowledge so that others might learn, and in the process expand their own awareness of the galaxy. They would often remain close to the Temple Archives on Coruscant or Ossus, or join the ExplorCorps and travel the galaxy to expand their knowledge. The archivists were responsible for translating, copying, and storing all new texts added to the Temple's collection.[1]

The Jedi archivists were at their height in times of peace, however, during the events of the Clone Wars, they became few in number. The older Jedi believed that the younger Jedi at the time did not have the patience to become archivists, and so many went into roles that were more important at the time.

When the Galactic Empire came to power, the Jedi Order was disbanded and its members hunted down and destroyed. By 19 ABY, Luke Skywalker had worked to reestablish the Order and begin training new Jedi. Mander Zuma was one of the first archivists of the new Order, working with Tionne Solusar on Coruscant to rebuild the Archives.[3]



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