A Jedi artisan was a specialization that could be attained by those Jedi Knights studying the ways of the Jedi Sentinel, who tried to understand creativity as a central aspect of the will of the Force.


Mystic-artist UP

A Jedi artisan using the force to create a sculpture.

Jedi artisans typically pursued the construction of lightsabers, although they sometimes focused on other crafts. Jedi artisans might create a mere half-dozen truly master works in their career. Some of these pieces were given to particular Jedi, while others were entrusted to the Jedi Archives.[3]

Notable Jedi artisans were the Great Sith War–era Master Vodo-Siosk Baas,[4] and the Duros Felanil Baaks in the years prior to the Clone Wars. He created lightsabers with casings of crystal, wood, and stone, and one unique lightsaber crafted as a liquid matrix suspended in a compressed gravity tube. Jedi Master Mace Windu was given one of Baaks' lightsabers, although he later gave this to a young Jedi from the Cularin system.[5] Baaks himself traveled to the Cularin system, where he trained five new Jedi artisans. Another artisan, Jedi Jwartek, crafted a hilt out of a branch from an ancient tree, while another specialized in crystal and glass hilts.[3]



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