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Obi-Wan Kenobi programming the Jedi beacon.

"This is Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The war is over. I repeat, the war is over. All Jedi are ordered to return to the Jedi Temple immediately. You will receive further instructions when you arrive."
―The newly elected Emperor Palpatine.[src]

The Jedi beacon was a way to contact all Jedi throughout the galaxy. The Jedi Council could program a mass signal broadcast, or a single message to one ship. It was housed in the central security station in the Jedi Temple. In addition to the Temple's computer, each ship carried a small computer capable of sending out messages to other Jedi in the field. Though intended to summon Jedi back to the Temple, it could also be used to ward them away if necessary.

During Operation: Knightfall, Darth Vader stormed the Archives and murdered Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu when she refused to grant him access to the beacon, before ordering a number of clone assassins to guard it. He then proceeded to broadcast the Return-to-Coruscant to any Jedi who had survived Order 66 with the intention of luring them back to the Temple unaware of what had happened, where they would be murdered by the clones stationed at the Temple, some of whom were dressed in Jedi robes. Realizing what was happening to the Jedi, Senator Bail Organa stole the beacon from recently deceased Master Saesee Tiin's ship, the Sharp Spiral and managed to contact Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Meeting with Grand Master Yoda aboard the Sundered Heart, the two Jedi agreed to infiltrate the Temple and deactivate the beacon in order to prevent any survivors from stumbling into the trap. After securing the security station, Kenobi altered the beacon to instead warn all surviving Jedi to flee into hiding.


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