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"We must not repeat the mistakes of the past."
―A Jedi Historian[src]

Jedi historians, also called Jedi chroniclers, were members of the Jedi Order who had chosen to pursue the teachings of the Consular, specializing as a Lore Keeper. These Jedi were dedicated to researching the history of the Jedi Order.


As a Lore Keeper, a Jedi could specialize in one or more of three sub-branches: the Jedi archivist, Jedi librarian, or Jedi historian. While all Lore Keepers made up the Librarian's Assembly at the Coruscant Jedi Temple, historians were charged with specifically analyzing the history of eras past, which included the history of the Order. Not restricted to Coruscant historians were often assigned to satellite training facilities, most notably the academies of Kamparas, Telos, and Obroa-skai.[1]

Historians were at their greatest numbers when times were relatively peaceful; during war time, the Jedi Councils need as many Jedi in the field as possible, reducing the numbers that could stay within the academies. During the height of the Galactic Republic, large groups of these Jedi would meet to discuss and analyze their most recent theories and findings. Many historians traveled to the fringes of civilized space with the Exploration Corps to study newly discovered space and uncover lost and forgotten artifacts like holocrons and fragments of historic writings. Additionally, the Council of First Knowledge was made up of Jedi historians, and advised on matters requiring the use of ancient Jedi lore.[1]

While most historians opted for the traditional set of robes of the Order, a set of robes of Ansatan design saw use by some of the most prominent historians of the Old Republic, such as Masters Atris[3] and Jocasta Nu.[4] Tionne Solusar would revive the design following the resurrection of the Order after the Great Jedi Purge.[5]

Known historians of the Old Jedi Order[]

Rachi Sitra was a Jedi historian seeking to uncover forgotten knowledge

While many historians existed over the history of the Order, only a few names have survived the passage of time. It is known that during the Jedi Civil War, Master Dorak served as Chronicler at the enclave on Dantooine, as well as sitting on the Council there. Dorak was in the process of training his apprentice, Deesra Luur Jada, to secede him as Chronicler, but he was killed in the Devastation of Katarr before he could complete Jada's training. The Twi'lek however managed to complete his training and help recover some valuable data throughout the rest of the war.[6]

During the same period, Master Kreia served as a historian at the Coruscant Temple under Chief Librarian Atris. Aside from her duties on the High Council and in the Archives, Atris was responsible for the construction of the input locks on Telos IV where she secretly stored stolen holocrons for safe-keeping. One of her Echani handmaidens Brianna, would succeed her in caring for the Telosian Academy, making sure the knowledge stayed within the control of the Order.[3]

Following the Great Galactic War and the Sacking of Coruscant, the Order lost the Archives within the Temple and was forced to rebuild on Tython. The High Council placed Master Gnost-Dural in charge of the reconstruction of the databanks, creating an updated timeline of the events preceding the outbreak of war.[7] Several centuries later following the Ruusan Reformations of the Republic, Chief Librarian and Caretaker of First Knowledge Restelly Quist was a historian responsible for refocusing the teachings of the academy. During the Golden Age of the Old Republic, the role of historian was filled by many, including Master Thame Cerulian, a Corellian with an interest in the study of the inner workings of the Sith holocrons stored in the Holocron Vaults.[1] Masters Tahl and Rachi Sitra were some of the last historians of the Order, with Master Sitra surviving well into the Galactic Civil War.[8] The last of the Chief Librarians was Master Jocasta Nu, who would govern the Archives for thirty years before dying among her beloved books during Operation: Knightfall.[9]



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