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Jedi investigators,[1] also known as Jedi detectives,[3] were Jedi who relied on their intuition and connection to the Force[1] to perform detective work and prevent crimes, an extension of the Jedi Order's traditional role as guardians and peacekeepers.[3] During the waning days of the Galactic Republic, such duties proved alarmingly difficult, however, as the pall of the dark side had begun to cloud the Order's perception of the Force[1] and their services were overshadowed by the Jedi's new duty as military commanders—a role in which they had never felt comfortable—during the Clone Wars.[3] As a result, they became increasingly dependent[1] on the Jedi Temple's cutting edge analysis equipment and facilities, including the Jedi Archives, decontaminated clean room analysis chambers, and analysis droids to assist with research.[3]

Jedi Master Tera Sinube, an expert on the planet Coruscant's criminal underworld, was a Jedi investigator whose deductive skills and connection to the Force allowed him to solve crimes faster than the Coruscant Security Force's seasoned detectives.[2]



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