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Jedi librarians, also called Jedi scholars, were members of the Jedi Order who had chosen to pursue the teachings of the Consular, specializing as a Lore Keeper. These Jedi were dedicated to safeguarding and updating the Order's libraries and the Jedi Temple Archives.


Njo markremedjev

Chief Librarian Markre Medjev of the reformed Jedi Order.

As a Lore Keeper, a Jedi could specialize in one or more of three sub-branches: the Jedi archivist, Jedi historian, or Jedi librarian. While all Lore Keepers made up the Librarian's Assembly at the Coruscant Jedi Temple, specialized librarians were charged with storage, organization and retrieval of knowledge. Not restricted to Coruscant, librarians were often assigned to satellite training facilities, most notably the academies of Kamparas, Telos, and Obroa-skai.[1]

Librarians were at their greatest numbers when times were relatively peaceful; during war time, the Jedi High Councils need as many Jedi in the field as possible, reducing the numbers that could stay within the academies. During the height of the Old Republic, large groups of these Jedi would meet to discuss and analyze their most recent theories and findings. Many librarians wore the traditional robes of the Order, though a set of robes of Ansatan design saw use by some of the most prominent librarians of the Old Republic, as well as a more subdued green-hued robe.[1]


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