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"The Sith Empire must rise again…but the old Jedi Masters stand in our way."
―Zona Luka[4]

The Jedi pogrom was the opening gambit in Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun's plan to restore a Sith Golden Age to the galaxy. The targets of Kun's intrigue were the one-time Masters of several Jedi Knights, all possessed with spirits of the dark side. Nine Sith Acolytes left the moon of Yavin 4 with the imminent murders of their former teachers nigh at hand. All across the galaxy, the element of surprise saw Jedi Masters caught unawares as the Sith descended upon them; Kun himself slew his own Master on Coruscant itself, in Senate Hall of the Galactic Senate. Despite the demoralizing effect it had on the citizens of the Republic, the death toll of Exar Kun's Jedi pogrom was minimal, and the Order was spurred into redoubling their efforts to end the Dark Lord's Sith War once and for all.

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