A Jedi recruiter was one of the most unpopular members of the Jedi Order throughout its history; garnering the bulk of the anti-Jedi sentiment that plagued the citizenship of the Galactic Republic periodically.

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A specialized field of study undertaken by those Jedi Knights that desired to become a Jedi Sentinel, most Recruiters were retired Jedi investigators, turning their Force abilities of tracking and detection to locate unrecognized Force-sensitives.

Working as members of the Acquisition Division, recruiters studied the data turned over from Republic medcenters and the Kyber memory crystal in order to track down potential recruits. During the Mandalorian Wars, Jedi recruiters (particularly those who opposed the Jedi High Council's decision to remain neutral during the conflict) covertly made their way to the frontlines to assist the Republic military. During the New Sith Wars they sought Force-sensitives to recruit into the Army of Light before the Sith could discover their location. Torr Snapit was among their ranks.

In an attempt to maintain some uniformity amongst the recruiters and all Jedi, the High Council demanded that all positions in the Order be codified and new rules enforced. Following the passage of the Ruusan Reformation in the Galactic Senate, Recruiter Morrit Ch'gally authored the section on Enlisting New Members within the pages of the handbook dubbed The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force. Meant to draw the interest of those Initiates and Padawans who wished to use their knowledge as an investigator, the pages also outlined the duties of the Acquisition Division and its members.[1]

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