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"This is all worthless."
"Not all of it."
Del Meeko and Luke Skywalker discussing the objects in the Emperor's Observatory as the latter comes across the compass[src]

A Jedi star compass, also known as a Pillio Star Compass or more simply as a Jedi compass,[2] was a piece of ancient astrogational technology similar to a wayfinder that was developed by the Jedi.


The Jedi star compass was a palm-sized circular device. The compass could be open and shut like a locket, held in place by an aurodium clamp. The lid of the compass was engraved with astromeridian etch lines, while the innards of the compass were stylized with a graduated bezel. At the center of the device was a plasma-encased supraluminite lodestone that was attuned to specific points in hyperspace. Luke Skywalker's compass was attuned to a route leading to Ahch-To, where the first Jedi temple was located.[2]


Post-Empire era[]

"I'd like to keep this compass, if you don't mind."
"My mission is to destroy this place. Why would I let you do that?"
"Because I asked."
―Skywalker and Meeko[src]

One such compass was kept by Emperor Palpatine in an observatory on the planet Pillio. During a mission he undertook to Pillio, the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker found the compass whilst visiting the observatory and took it to keep rather than leave it behind to be destroyed by Del Meeko, who intended to obliterate the observatory.[1]

Sometime later, Ulina told a story that claimed a scavenger gifted Skywalker with the compass shortly after the Battle of Jakku, and that the compass had been found in an Imperial case labeled "Pillio."[5]

At the time of his Jedi temple's destruction, the compass was sitting on Ben Solo's bedside table when Luke went to confront his nephew.[3] Afterwards, Luke used the compass to locate the planet Ahch-To.[2]

First Order era[]

In 34 ABY, Skywalker had the compass, along with other items, kept in his home on Ahch-To.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The compass was designed by Dave Filoni.[6]



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