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The trapEdit

Jedi strike team (Capture of Darth Revan)

The Jedi Strike as depicted in Timeline 8: Jedi Civil War

In the year 3957 BBY, the Republic set a trap for Revan. A contingent of Jedi commanded by Bastila Shan accompanied the fleet and led the mission. The Jedi Council's gamble paid off when a Sith fleet commanded by Darth Revan himself engaged the small Republic force.[1]

Amidst the resulting fleet battle, Bastila Shan's strike team, made up of a mixed force of Republic military personnel and Jedi, managed to board Darth Revan's flagship and battle their way to the command deck. It is unknown how many Jedi were originally in the task force but at least four made it along with at least one Republic soldier to the bridge to engage Revan and his acolytes. Seemingly undaunted, Revan struck down all who approached him. Standing on the command deck of his vessel, Revan force choked the Republic soldier before readying himself to duel Bastila and her few remaining companions.[1]

Darth Malak's betrayalEdit

In that moment of doubt, the ambitious Darth Malak, Revan's Sith apprentice, decided that the time was right for his ascension to the rank of Dark Lord of the Sith. Seeing his chance to usurp his Master's title, Malak ordered his gunners to open fire upon the bridge of Revan's command ship, but all did not go as he had planned; the majority of the Jedi strike team was killed and Darth Revan's flagship was destroyed, but Revan himself survived. The remaining Jedi captured the critically injured Dark Lord and escaped the ship prior to its destruction.[1]

Bastila used the Force to save Revan's life, thus forming a powerful Force bond between them. The Jedi brought Revan before the Jedi Council who rebuilt his broken mind with a new personality loyal to the Republic in an effort to mask his true identity. In so doing, they hoped that Revan's subconscious memories would lead them to the source of the Sith's seemingly endless supply of military hardware. With his aid, they would attempt to locate it and destroy it at any cost.[1]


"Revan's mask! I thought it was lost when he was captured by the Jedi strike team."
―Meetra Surik[src]

Unbeknownst to the Jedi Council, Bastila Shan, the leader of the strike team that captured Darth Revan, recovered his mask and hid it for many years. She feared that the mask would not only cause Revan to regain all of his lost memories, but would also restore his original persona, as well as the dark side within him.[3]



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