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"Ahch-To's humble stone huts and foreboding caves may be where the Jedi began, but as the Order's influence across the galaxy grew, so did the number of places where the Force could be worshipped—by devotees of both the light and the dark sides."
Luke Skywalker[35]

Jedi temples were structures built by the Jedi Order on many worlds across the galaxy to serve as bases of operation for the Order. In them, Force-sensitive individuals could be brought in to be trained in the ways of the Jedi, and The Force. Aside from basic living accommodations, Jedi temples contained a variety of facilities used in the process of training Jedi Initiates. Other facilities were often included, however the type of facilities and amount of them were dependant on a variety of factors, including size and location. They were also built on quiet locations that harbored kyber crystals[36] as a means of harvesting them. A subsect of these buildings were Jedi Outposts. These were essentially smaller and more numerous versions of Jedi temples, constructed on many planets in a network.[37]


The first Jedi temple was erected on the aquatic world of Ahch-To[2]. However, the main base of operations for the Jedi Order was the Jedi Grand Temple on Coruscant, until the Great Jedi Purge in 19 BBY. It was built over the foundations of an ancient Sith shrine[38], a practice which was not uncommon for the Order. This practice was used as an effort to purify locations tainted by the Dark side[4]. The Jedi's idea was that by building something on top of Sith monuments for Jedi to congregate, it would bring their Light side energy to the area to drown out the opposing Dark side energy.[4]

Physical description[]


The Jedi Outpost on Elphrona

Internally, some of the temples had similar features such as living quarters, meditation chambers, meeting rooms, lightsaber sparring rooms, libraries, medical bays, and cafeterias. Some also contained vaults, speeder hangars, laboratories, and gardens.[39]


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