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"Ahch-To's humble stone huts and foreboding caves may be where the Jedi began, but as the Order's influence across the galaxy grew, so did the number of places where the Force could be worshipped—by devotees of both the light and the dark sides."
Luke Skywalker[1]

The ruins of a Jedi temple on Vrogas Vas

Jedi temples were structures built by the Jedi Order on many worlds across the galaxy. They were constructed on quiet locations that often harbored rare kyber crystals.[2] Although the first of those temples was erected on the aquatic world of Ahch-To,[3] the one built on Coruscant over the foundations of an ancient Sith shrine[4] ended up becoming the main headquarters of the Order.[5] In fact, many Jedi temples were built over conquered Sith temples in an effort to purify the site.[6]

Other Jedi temples included:


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