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Senior Lieutenant Jeela Brebtin was a human female TIE fighter pilot of the Galactic Empire who served in Squadron Five of the elite 204th Imperial Fighter Wing.


Skirmish with the rebelsEdit

Brebtin was stationed aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Pursuer where she engaged in operations against Rebel starfighters. After finishing off the last X-wing starfighter, she and the rest of the squadron reported to Commander Shakara Nuress to get briefed on their next mission.[1]

Mission to the Kudo systemEdit

Brebtin and the rest of Squadron Five were stationed on the Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier Summit to accompany a maintenance crew to assist in the recovery of the Star Destroyer Celerity. While on-board, she joined her squadron in the mess hall to discuss the rumors that the war was almost over. She warned Ganem Kahi that some of his statements could be taken as Rebel sympathy. After her meal, she went to the shooting range to practice with her blaster.[1]

When they arrived in the Kudo system, Brebtin deployed in her TIE interceptor before the Summit was disabled by an ion cannon shot from the Clerity.[1] She and her squadmates were attacked by a large group of TIE fighters. When ordered to defend the carrier, she commented that the odds were not in their favor. After the carrier was destroyed as it attempted to flee, she was ordered to surrender by her commander Teso Broosh and flew her fighter to the surface of the planet Kudo. Her squad was met by stormtroopers, who explained that Admiral Gratloe would see them shortly. She thought it strange that he kept the title of Admiral, but claimed to not be affiliated with the Galactic Empire. After being imprisoned by Gratloe in an attempt to force her squad to defect, she was able to produce a knife that she had hidden in her boot. She used this to ambush the guard that was watching them.[2] She made her way with her squad to the landing field so they could get their TIE interceptors back. She attacked the stormtroopers who were guarding the ships, and had to be reminded to use non-lethal methods on them. Once Shadow Wing got control of their ships back, they lifted off and headed toward the Celerity. When they were attacked by Rebel X-wing starfighters, Brebtin fought her way to the Star Destroyer.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Brebtin was a talented pilot and a crack shot, but her intensity could be unsettling to others.[1]


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