"When the limitless reach of the Empire is strengthened by the dark power of the Sith, no alliance will stand before us."
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Jeffren Brek was a male Human who served in the Imperial Security Bureau. His ISB training taught him that smugglers were assets like any others, used when needed to complete the mission.[3]


Battle of Talus[]

Brek in action

"I don't care what kind of papers you have, you're not taking this ship. It's been impounded by the Empire."
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Investigating a lead about the Rebel activity in Corellian system, Lieutenant Brek discovered an old Z-95 Headhunter named Dire Hound hidden in a secret hangar on Corellia. While he prepared to impound the ship for the Empire, a young man arrived, claiming that the ship belonged to his family. Brek was not going to let the man take the starfighter, but was caught up by surprise by a sudden attack.[4] When the firefight went against him, Brek quickly determined that his best escape route was through the southwest corridor of the hangar and made his escape.[5]

Jeffren Brek, promoted to ISB captain

He had another encounter with the young man again, when, shortly prior to the Battle of Talus, the Rebel infiltrated the Imperial outpost on Corellia looking for planning documents for the upcoming operation. Unfortunately for the Rebel, a squad of stormtroopers led by Brek intercepted him on the way back. When the Rebel failed to comply to halt order and started a firefight, Brek jumped behind cover and began issuing orders to the rest of his squad. However, the Rebel quickly disposed several troopers and escaped, the remaining ones were unable to stop him.[4]

Search for the ryll shipment[]

"I don't think you're a merchant. I think you're a Rebel spy."
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When a large shipment of ryll went missing on its way to a Rebel medical facility, the ISB made its goal to obtain the shipment before the Rebels, seeing it as a way to deny the Alliance much-needed medical supplies. Many agents were deployed to pursue various leads, including Brek, now promoted to a captain. He met with another operative at the Mos Eisley spaceport and provided him with a false ID card and a mission to infiltrate Jabba's Palace and find out more about the ryll. Brek ordered the agent to keep in touch and departed to pursue another lead.[6]

Brek, carrying a concealed weapon

He eventually arranged a meeting with BoShek in Bestine, however by that time was already trailed by Loza Sil'ban, an agent of Bothan Spynet. Sil'ban reported about Brek's involvement to her employer, Lando Calrissian, as well as Alliance agent also looking for the shipment. When Brek, backed by a few stormtroopers, was finally able to talk to BoShek, the smuggler was able to convince him that he had no useful information and left. Shortly after Brek was approached by the Rebel agent, who introduced himself as a merchant from Glakka. Brek asked him if he knew Zoort or Raurlu Eloz, and when the "smuggler" replied negatively, Brek easily deduced him to be a Rebel spy. However, with the help of Loza Sil'ban, the Rebel managed to strike down the stormtroopers, leaving Brek no choice but to surrender and reveal BoShek's identity. While the Rebel departed to look for BoShek, Loza Sil'ban volunteered to take care of Brek. However, he soon managed to escape after injuring her head and stealing her blaster.[7] While Brek's own trail had gone cold, his colleague managed to locate and secure the shipment on the asteroid Skip 52 in the Smuggler's Run, making the mission's ultimate outcome successful.[6]

Encounter with Rachi Sitra[]

"I have paid a heavy price. Now, they will pay that price tenfold."
―Jeffren Brek[src]

Brek loses his arm.

At some point, Brek's spy mission led him to an encounter with a Twi'lek Jedi Knight Rachi Sitra. She tried to subdue him, but Brek was able to launch a grenade at her, buying himself time to escape and end the confrontation.[8] Despite the involvement of the Jedi, Brek continued his mission. However, when Sitra found him again, she made him pay dearly by cutting off his entire left arm with her lightsaber.[9] Brek eventually had a new cybernetic arm installed, but he was never the same after the experience. He was now filled with hate and vengeance.[2]

Search for the Nightsister on Hoth[]

"I want proof of the Rebels on Hoth. That doesn't mean we have to take them alive."
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Brek, with his new cybernetic hand installed

Around 2 ABY Brek was tasked by Blackhole to find a Nightsister Kyrisa on the remote Outer Rim planet Hoth. Blackhole was looking for a way to use the Nightsister natural Force ability to control animals in the espionage. Brek was given instructions to rendezvous with another Imperial, who was already aiding the Dark Jedi Namman Cha is his search for Kyrisa.[10] Upon arriving at the frozen world, Brek, accompanied by a squad of snowtroopers, began covering the area looking for the Nightsister, and soon stumbled across several members of the Alliance Special Forces. Brek ordered his troops to take some prisoners for questioning, and a firefight ensued. However, it was soon interrupted by a snowstorm and both sides, unable to continue fighting, were forced to look for shelter.[11] After the storm had cleared, Brek was able to establish the comlink contact with another Imperial spy on the planet and, accompanied by his troops, traveled to his location. Both agents had consulted Brek's datapad to indicate where their search had progresses. Brek was also informed that several Jedi and Rebels in the area were looking for Kyrisa as well, and decided that it was time for the group to move on.[10]

The planning was interrupted by a sudden loud roar. Several wampas appeared from a snow crest, including one certain beast of enormous proportions. Brek quickly determined that the giant beast was the result of Nightsister's genetic engineering, and the troops formed a line to defend against the vicious animals. After the smaller wampas were dealt with, all efforts were concentrated on taking down the giant one. Hamstringing the huge wampa limited the range of its deadly claw swipes, and eventually it tired enough that one soldier could deliver a killing blow. After the battle Brek was helping a soldier who got swatted by a wampa and explained that the beasts stunned their prey to eat it later at their lair. He also noted that though not hungry, those creatures would do whatever Kyrisa ordered them to. At that moment the Nightsister herself revealed her presence to the group from across the ridge. Furious at the death of her pets, she ordered a pack of Hoth hogs to attack the Imperials. However, the trained soldiers held well and Kyrisa, seeing many of her beasts killed, choose to escape into the snow. Brek ordered his men to initiate a pursuit and send an agent to discover more about the Rebel presence on the planet.[10]

Brek, fighting on Hoth

The Nightsister knew her way around the frozen wastes better than the Imperials, and eventually Brek and his men lost her trail. He was then contacted by an agent who had discovered that a small outpost was being built on Hoth by Rebel forces. Brek asked him for holovids, but the agent didn't have any, because it wasn't safe for him to hang around the Rebels.[10] When the presence of the outpost was confirmed, the Imperials requested reinforcements to deal with it. Colonel Adrick was in charge of the operation and he soon led one AT-ST, two AT-PTs and a squad of snowtroopers to attack the outpost. Their initial assault was met with heavy blaster fire, forcing them to temporarily fall back. Then, the AT-ST arrived as support and began blazing away at Rebel positions. The battle ended when another blizzard began, engulfing both armies and making it impossible for them to continue.[11] Meanwhile, Namman Cha succeeded in tracking down Kyrisa by following her beasts and, after a fierce lightsaber clash, persuaded her to join him.[12] Several days later, Brek, with the Nightsister out of his reach, arrived aboard the Devastator and presented the report of the operation to his superior, General Nevar. However, the incompetent General refused to believe in the Rebel presence on a planet as worthless as Hoth without solid evidence. Stating that the mission was nothing but a ridiculous adventure from the beginning, he deleted the reports, leaving the Empire oblivious about the base that the Alliance was building on Hoth.[10]

Uncovering smuggling activities[]

"You are under arrest for crimes against the Empire."
―Jeffren Brek[src]

Brek, meeting with a smuggler contact

When the Imperial Security Bureau suspected that Dash Rendar, the famous Corellian smuggler, who provided transport for famous swoop racer Kimmi Chyler, was using swoop racing to secretly move supplies and personnel for the Rebel Alliance, Brek was sent to investigate and gather proof of the activities. He met with an ISB operative at the Imperial outpost on the planet Lok and provided him with datafiles on Rendar and Chyler, including the swoop race itinerary for the current season. Using an undercover identity, the operative was able to sneak aboard Rendar's ship, the Outrider, and later reported to Brek that Rendar was indeed smuggling supplies for the Alliance.[13]

The next day Brek, backed up by several stormtroopers, attempted to arrest the ship, but Rendar had hired additional security, who put up defense strong enough to wound several soldiers. Brek was forced to order his men to retreat,[14] while his partner had set out to pursue the smuggler's ship to Rori. Brek himself remained in touch with Black Sun, an organization willing to uncover the Rebel smuggling operations to gain the Emperor's favor, and eventually he ended up in Bela Vistal on Corellia. There, his partner transferred to Brek Koth Melan, a captured Bothan spy, and Brek in turn arranged for him to meet with Skahtul on Tatooine.[13]


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Jeffren Brek on a rescue mission

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