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Jek Lawquane was a human-Twi'lek male hybrid who was the son of Suu Lawquane and the adopted son of Cut Lawquane during the Clone Wars.[1]


Early life[]

Jek Lawquane was born in 25 BBY[2] to Suu Lawquane. At some point after the Battle of Geonosis during the Clone Wars, Jek and his sister, Shaeeah Lawquane, gained a[1] stepfather[5] when Suu married Cut, a former clone trooper who had abandoned the fighting after losing his team. The Lawquanes lived as farmers on the planet Saleucami.[1]

The Clone Wars[]


Jek during the Clone Wars

In 21 BBY, Clone Captain Rex was injured during the Battle of Saleucami while on a patrol. Clone troopers Jesse, Kix and Hardcase brought him to the Lawquane farm to recover as it was nearby. Despite misgivings about clones, Suu allowed Rex to spend the night at the farm, although she attempted to keep her children away from the soldiers. While playing in the field surrounding their house, Jek and Shaeeah stumbled across a Separatist escape pod left from the Battle of Saleucami overhead. While exploring the escape pod, Shaeeah accidentally pushed a button, activating commando droids that were stored inside. Shaeeah and Jek fled back to their house, where their father fought off the droids with the help of Captain Rex. When Rex recovered and left, he decided not to report Cut Lawquane as a deserter to the Republic, allowing Jek to stay with his adoptive father.[1]

At a point later in the Clone Wars, the Lawquanes made the acquaintance of the irregular clone commando squad Clone Force 99, nicknamed the Bad Batch, who also chose not to report Cut for desertion.[6]

Imperial Era[]

After the end of the war and rise of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY,[7] the Lawquanes decided to leave Saleucami after Rex,[6] now a fugitive after having his behavioral modification biochip removed,[8] stopped by their farm and warned them about the rising Empire and told them about the chips. The day afterwards, the Bad Batch, who had also deserted the Empire, arrived on Saleucami. Jek and Shaeeah ran into the house to see the new arrivals, and after being greeted by Wrecker, were introduced to Echo, who had joined the squad more recently, and Omega, a child clone who had come with the Batch when they escaped Kamino. The two children insisted that Omega come play with them.[6]


"You know the Lawquanes? Old man Cut, he fought in the Clone Wars. He saw the truth of things: No side in war is the right side. He did the right thing. Settled down. Had a family. Never got drawn back into the muck."
―Glen Taffral, to his children[9]

In 4 ABY,[10] Glen Taffral, a man to lived on Saleucami with his sons, Dav and Webb Taffral, who each served opposing sides in the Galactic Civil War, mentioned the Lawquane family in a lesson for his bickering children. Using Cut Lawquane and his family as examples, Glen instructed his sons to put aside their ideological differences and choose to stick by family over government, as Cut did during the Clone Wars.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

Jek's first appearance was in the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars's 2010 episode The Deserter, where he was voiced by Kath Soucie. In the subtitles for the episode, Jek's name is misspelled as "Jekk." Pablo Hidalgo mentioned Jek was always intended to have a human father, although they are not Cut's children.[11]



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