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A farm was owned and operated by Jedi Knight Jelph Marrian in the Takara Mountains on the planet Kesh. After crashing in the jungle highlands of the world in 3963 BBY, Marrian settled into the farmhouse and brought the pieces of his strikefighter down to the farm, where he reassembled the fighter. Meanwhile, he discovered a Sith Tribe on the world, and hid his presence among them as a slave who traded with the native Keshiri species. He was frequently visited by Sith Saber Orielle Kitai—however, after she was framed for an assassination attempt on Sith Grand Lord Lillia Venn, Kitai discovered Marrian's fighter. She rushed back to the capital city Tahv and told her mother, Candra Kitai, who had also been blamed for the attack on Venn and had since been made into a slave. Orielle was shortly after found by Marrian, who convinced her that they could escape together. However, her mother had sold her out to Grand Lord Venn in return for her own liberation, and Venn, with some of her own closest allies, traveled quickly to Marrian's farm to find the fighter. Marrian and Kitai confronted Venn and her allies, and when Venn attempted to lift off from the ground in Marrian's vessel, a safety line which Marrian had connected to the fighter was tripped, causing proton torpedos placed by Marrian beneath the ground to explode, destroying the farm and killing Venn and her allies.

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