The Jemlaat-class in-system sail yacht was an ancient solar sailer design produced by Hyrotil Engineering. It had a plump reddish-orange body and broad orange-colored metallic sails which spread out on each side of the vessel and folded when it landed. These solar sails were deployed by the Jemlaat to trap interstellar radiation and to harness the power of solar wind. Some models were equipped with hyperdrive systems.

The limitations of the sails could prove disadvantageous during sub-light interstellar travel for such vessels, though it was possible when the proximity of stars provided them with sufficient solar winds though it was often dangerous. Jemlaat-class yachts were also equipped with a meager sublight engine in the event a yacht was trapped between stars without enough solar winds to harness.

Hyrotil Engineering also produced a variant of the Jemlaat-class yacht with sails only though this limited them to racing events only.

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