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"The Jenet my servant Lotkha brought me … has proven profitable. I keep him present at all my meetings, and he remembers the proceedings in astounding detail. He watches for responses I cannot watch and reports them to me. Through him, I learn their weaknesses, their fears, and their needs. These Jenet make efficient, vindictive spies, who are judicial with the knowledge they retain."
―Bwahl the Hutt, on his Jenet slave, "Jen"[src]

"Jen" was the name given to a male Jenet slave owned by the crime lord Bwahl the Hutt. The Jenet was presented to Bwahl by the Hutt's servant, Lotkha. Although the Jenet resisted the new moniker at first, he eventually came to accept it—out of fear, according to Bwahl. The Hutt made use of the Jenet slave's eidetic memory. By bringing the slave to all his meetings, Bwahl was able to have a detailed record of the goings on—in Jen's memory. With this extra set of eyes and infallible memory, Bwahl gained added insight into his enemies' reactions, fallibilities, and anxieties. In fact, Jen's performance convinced Bwahl that all Jenets had the potential to be gifted spies.[1]


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