"Take that time me and Idow were dropped into Bruzion, a city on the planet Jendorn."

Jendorn was an Expansion Region planet located in the Farstey sector. It was situated in the Borderland Regions, an area over which the confederation led by Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn had control. In 9 ABY, a fierce battle was fought at Jendorn between the Imperial and New Republic forces, in which the Empire was victorious.

After the battle, the Empire occupied the Jendorn city of Bruzion, where captured pilots that had been downed in the confrontation were held prisoner in an Imperial compound. Two members of the New Republic Katarn Commandos unit, Gottu and Idow, were subsequently dispatched on a mission to rescue the pilots. The lightly-armed pair of commandos were successful in their mission, during which Gottu used a vibro-ax to cause the prison compound's turbolaser tower to explode.


Jendorn was a terrestrial planet[3] located in the Jendorn system, a part of the Farstey sector[1] in the Trans-Hydian portion of[2] the Expansion Region.[1]


Battle of Jendorn[]

"The planet sits in the Borderland Regions, and it was the scene of some fierce fighting between New Republic and Imperial forces."

By 9 ABY,[2] Jendorn was a part of the Borderland Regions,[3] which consisted of territories and worlds either conquered by or allied with the confederation of Imperial forces commanded by Grand Admiral Thrawn. That year, between the dates 44:4:15 and 44:6:29, Thrawn's forces attacked Jendorn as part of the early raids of the Grand Admiral's campaign against the New Republic.[2]

In 9 ABY, Jendorn was the site of a battle between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire.

The ensuing battle saw fierce fighting between the Empire and the New Republic, and six downed pilots of the latter faction became prisoners of the Empire when it ultimately prevailed in the confrontation. Following the battle, only a few Imperial starships remained in Jendorn's orbit in order to monitor any ships of the New Republic. In addition, the Empire occupied the city of Bruzion, while on the opposite side of the planet the native inhabitants of Jendorn continued to struggle against the Imperial presence.[3]

Eventually, Gottu and Idow,[3] two urban combat specialists with the New Republic Special Forces unit Katarn Commandos,[4] were dispatched on a mission to rescue the captured pilots. Gottu and Idow were inconspicuously dropped off by a transport starship near Bruzion, where the pilots were being held in an Imperial prison compound, and,[3] armed only with a vibro-ax and two blasters,[5] approached the installation on foot.[3]

Gottu's diversion[]

"Now, you're probably thinking that we barged into that compound and simply fought our way through the platoon of troopers stationed there. Well, we did do a good bit of fighting, but first I set up a little diversion to cover our arrival."

Gottu then decided to create a diversion for the pair's mission and at the same time neutralize the turbolaser tower protecting the prison compound. To that end, Gottu scaled the side of the tower until the commando reached the estimated height at which the structure's power core and capacitor rows were located. Gottu then buried the activated blade of the vibro-ax into the tower's armored wall and leaped down to the ground.[3]

Twenty minutes later, as the two commandos were beginning to skirmish with the prison compound's guards, Gottu's vibro-ax finally cut through to the tower's power core. The resultant massive explosion distracted the guards and alerted the prisoners of their impending rescue. It also signaled to the assault shuttle designated as the New Republic mission's pick-up transport that the commandos and the captured pilots were ready for extraction.[3]

The shuttle, piloted by Syla Tors and with Katarn Commandos' commanding officer, Lieutenant Judder Page, aboard, eventually arrived at the compound,[3] which had in the meantime been captured by Gottu and Idow,[5] and extracted the two commandos and the pilots.[3] Gottu and Idow subsequently became famous for the light armament with which they had accomplished the attack on the Imperial compound,[5] and at some point, Gottu recounted the mission to Jendorn to illustrate why the commando preferred vibroweapons to other types of weaponry.[3]


"The Empire won the battle and was occupying the city. They had also set up a prison compound, and they were holding six downed Republic pilots."

The city of Bruzion was located on Jendorn. During the Galactic Empire's occupation of the city, an Imperial prison compound was established a few kilometers outside of the settlement. A single turbolaser tower protected the facility, which was guarded by a platoon of Imperial troopers.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Jendorn was first mentioned in "Gottu and His Vibroaxe," a short companion narrative included in the Dark Force Rising Sourcebook, which was authored by Bill Slavicsek and published in 1992 for use with West End Games's Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[6] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Jendorn system, and therefore Jendorn itself, in grid square O-8.[2]



Notes and references[]

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