Jeng Seth was a male Human and the leader of The Skulls, a swoop gang that menaced the Hook Nebula. He founded the Skulls on Stend VI when he was seventeen years old, having became tired of simple thievery and intimidating frightened store owners. When he fell in love with swoop racing and speed, he gathered a group of friends who also appreciated the sport. The Skulls at times had problems with the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance and several news agencies.

Seth was a muscled, cocky person who usually wore black trousers and boots. He lived to terrify others and if he couldn't have control over a situation he would become very angry.

During a swoop race on the planet Lok, The Skulls ran their swoops into a crowd of spectators, killing 24 people. As a result, Major Alana Walden of the Corellian Security Force decided that Seth should not be allowed continue committing such crimes, so she hired a spacer to capture him. Seth and Th Skulls traveled to the world Tatooine, to participate in a swoop race in the city Mos Espa, and the spacer attacked them at the Mos Espa swoop racing track. The spacer defeated the gang members and and took custody of Seth.[4]



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