Jenith was a mining settlement on the planet Chelloa during the Republic Dark Age in 1032 BBY. Along with the rest of Chelloa, Jenith was ruled by the Sith Lord Daiman, who ruled a remnant of the former Chagras Hegemony known as the Daimanate. During Operation Influx, the town was raided by a Jedi strike force and sustained large-scale devastation during a raid by Odion's forces. Its population was 60,000 as of 1032 BBY.

Daiman treated the inhabitants as disposable, due to his narcissistic philosophy which posited himself as the Creator. Jenith was led by Gorlan Palladane, who represented the slave workers. In retaliation for Palladane sheltering the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt and supplying information on Daiman's baradium operations to Odion, Daiman's forces pillaged and burnt large areas of Jenith. However, they were stopped by Holt, who rescued Palladane from Daiman's alpine compound and made preparations to evacuate the population.

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