"In asking the non-human worlds to ally with you, you are asking us to put ourselves at far greater risk. Everyone knows the Emperor's disdain for non-humans. If an alliance challenged Palpatine's forces, and lost, the Emperor's wrath would be mostly directed at the non-human worlds. He might well destroy us as a lesson to the human Rebels."
―Jenssar SoBilles[src]

Jenssar SoBilles was a male Duros resistance fighter and later Councilor on the New Republic Provisional Council.


Jenssar SoBilles signature

Jenssar SoBilles signature

SoBilles was a leader in the Duros resistance against the Empire. While meeting secretly with rebel leaders from Sullust, Corellia and Alderaan on Cloud City, he expressed his fear that if resistance groups were to unite retaliation from the Empire would primarily strike the non-Human species, including Duros. Therefore, despite Bria Tharen of Corellia passionately arguing that remaining separate was a recipe for disaster, SoBilles and the other leaders declined to join together on this occasion. However, they were later convinced to by Mon Mothma and several resistance groups across the galaxy united against the Galactic Empire. He later became a member of the New Republic Provisional Council, signing the Declaration of a New Republic and Why Do We Fight the Empire?.

Jenssar may have been related to Jorrigar SoBilles.

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