Jenza was a Serennian female, the daughter of Count Gora and Countess Anya, and the sister of Dooku and Ramil. Gora abandoned the Force-sensitive Dooku to be found by the Jedi Order, becoming a Jedi initiate. Among other initiates, Dooku returned to Serenno during a festival, encountering Jenza and discovering who she was. After returning to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Jenza and Dooku secretly continued to communicate. After Lady Jenza was kidnapped, by Republic-backed agents, Dooku tasked Asajj Ventress to track her down soon after Ventress became his apprentice. Though Ventress did not know it at the time, Dooku's intention was for Ventress to continue in her role of assassin by killing his sister, because Jenza planned to reveal Dooku's secrets to the Republic, thus severing his ties with the past. Jenza pleaded with Dooku to contact the Jedi and not continue down the dark path he was on, but Dooku was not persuaded and had Ventress slay her with her lightsabers.[1]

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