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"Kind of a…smooth-haired animal. You can ride 'em, milk 'em, eat 'em."
Han Solo[2]

A jerba was a shaggy quadruped found on the desert planet Tatooine.

Biology and appearance[]

A tethered Jerba awaiting its owner outside of Chalmun's Cantina

"Personally, I think they're uglier than the back end of a shaved bantha, but that's me."
Han Solo[2]

The jerba was a smooth-haired animal considered to be ugly by some.[2] The species were shaggy quadrupeds found in desert environments including on the planet Tatooine.[4] Jerbas produced milk.[2]


"There's a whole subculture of breeders—I once smuggled a mated pair off Tatooine for a private seller."
Han Solo[2]

A jerba's head (right) was featured among Jabba's trophies.

A subculture of jerba breeders existed in the galaxy, and the creatures were kept for their milk or for their meat. Some were also ridden. Han Solo once smuggled a pair of mated jerbas off Tatooine for a private seller, although he considered the beasts to be ugly.[2] Tethers for jerbas and banthas were kept outside Tosche Station in Anchorhead, and wary jerbas were known to frequent the exterior of the building. Jabba Desilijic Tiure kept the trophy head[4] of a jerba mounted on the wall of his palace on Tatooine, along with other hunting trophies including the head of a tauntaun.[5] During the era of the New Republic, Senator Grelka Sorka owned a prize show-jerba which was taken hostage to ensure the politician's vote against launching an attack against the Imperial remnant at Jakku.[2] The hide of a jerba could be used to make leather. Leia Organa sometimes wore boots made of jerba leather.[6]



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