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"Death Watch is far stronger than we once thought. But we have been training for this. We can stop them. But if we are to combat them effectively, we must have the temerity to stand strong in the name of peace. And if we are to do so, we must reject any Republic assistance. Instead, this government will act. It acts not out of pride, but for safety. Intervention by the Republic will inflame the opposition and this is why our government rejects the help of the Jedi. We must listen to the Duchess Satine. If we do not, we will ultimately cause our defeat."
―Jerec, attesting to the strength of the New Mandalorian government[src]

Jerec was a Human male Mandalorian, and a member of the peaceful New Mandalorian faction for which he served as a Deputy Minister in their government. A friend of the New Mandalorian's leader, Duchess Satine Kryze, Jerec supported her methods for dealing with the resurgent Mandalorian radicals known as the Death Watch. It would be the Death Watch who was responsible for Jerec's death, when he fell victim to a bombing perpetrated by the Death Watch while on Kalevala. A holorecording of a speech that he made supporting Duchess Kryze was altered by an individual within the Galactic Republic's government, and the faked testimonial was shown to the Galactic Senate with the intent of manipulating the Senate to vote on sending Republic troops to occupy Mandalore. The true recording, in which Jerec reveals that Republic assistance would only throw public support to Death Watch, was eventually uncovered by an agent of the Republic's Republic Ministry of Intelligence and broadcast before the Senate. Upon seeing the truth, the senators rescinded their votes in favor of Republic occupation of Mandalore, allowing the Mandalorian homeworld to remain neutral in the Clone Wars.


"Something here isn't right. I wish to speak to Jerec immediately!"
"Sadly, Deputy Minister Jerec perished this morning, in a Death Watch bombing on Kalevala. Let us ensure that his death was not in vain."
Satine Kryze and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine[src]

A male Human Mandalorian, Jerec was a member of the pacifist Mandalorian faction who called themselves the "New Mandalorians". During the course of his life, Jerec became close friends with the New Mandalorians' leader, Duchess Satine Kryze[2] of the planet Kalevala.[3] While the Clone Wars broke out across the galaxy between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the New Mandalorians were presented a problem of their own: the return of the radical Mandalorian splinter group known as the Death Watch,[4] fractured and thought destroyed years prior by Mand'alor Jango Fett.[5][6] When the Republic found the Death Watch forces to be a significant threat, the Galactic Senate began to draft a resolution to safeguard Mandalore's standings with the Republic by sending a contingent of clone troopers to the Outer Rim world.[2]

Mandalore Defense Initiative

Jerec's holorecord testimonial is presented to the Senate

While Jerec's good friend, Duchess Kryze, traveled from Mandalore to the galactic capital world of Coruscant to argue in opposition to the proposed occupation, Jerec journeyed to Kalevala,[2] a nearby New Mandalorian stronghold world also in the Mandalore system.[7] It was on Kalevala that Jerec was killed—falling victim to a bombing orchestrated by the Death Watch—but not before he could transmit a recorded testimony to the Republic Senate in which he continued to support Kryze and her position against Republic intervention in the Mandalorian affair. However, the recording was intercepted and altered by another party, who then delivered the doctored testimony to the Senate Chamber for presentation to the assembled senators. His words twisted, Jerec appeared to turn on his long time friend and pleaded with the Senate for Republic aid, and the Senate passed the defense resolution for Mandalore. The truth would come to light thanks to Republic Republic Ministry of Intelligence employee Davu Golec, who acquired the original recording and passed it along to Duchess Kryze. When Jerec's true testimonial was played before the Senate, the government body's opinion was swayed and the occupation of the Mandalorian homeworld was voted down, allowing Mandalore to retain the neutrality Jerec and Kryze had sought.[2]

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"Deputy Minister Jerec is an honorable man! He would never commit such lies to the record."
―Satine Kryze[src]

Jerec was a close friend of the New Mandalorian leader, Duchess Satine Kryze, and a supporter of her goals for a neutral Mandalore. As the threat of the Death Watch returned, their violence turned against the peaceful New Mandalorian society, Jerec spoke out against the Republic getting involved, knowing that any intervention by Republic forces could cast the Death Watch in a more favorable light. He instead put his faith in Kryze's own methods, and urged the Republic to do the same. Considered an honorable man by those who knew him,[2] Jerec was thought to exemplify the Mandalorian tradition of leaders being forthcoming with the greater Mandalorian people.[2][8]



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