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"…every being serving knows that the weapons he uses, the ships on which he serves, the droids and computers on which his life depends—every piece of equipment which he will expect to use—was designed as a result of a Senate compromise to keep each constituent commercial interest happy. Upon entering combat with such equipment a crewman's sole consolation is a grim satisfaction that our enemies probably stole their equipment from us."
―Admiral Jerjerrod[2]

Jerjerrod was a Human male admiral serving in the Navy of the Galactic Republic. Coming from a well-to-do family, Jerjerrod was an ally of Republic Supreme Chancellor Palpatine; this association provided the Admiral's family with many connections. Jerjerrod filed multiple reports with Naval Command that cited his concerns with the Navy's procurement procedures of the time; when the contents of these documents were leaked to the media, the Admiral was summoned to testify before the Senate Naval Subcommittee's Procurement Panel. Jerjerrod defended his position before Senators Gopple and V'troren and implied that it was not him, but another dissatisfied member of the military, who had revealed the contents of his reports to the public.


"Could you explain why you insist on undermining the Republic's confidence in her Navy with your public statements, rather than going through the chain of command as is proper for a military officer?"
"The Senator from Erigorm has not scanned my reports very thoroughly. I have reported to the proper people above me and to my peers within the Naval Command. My public statements, as you choose to call them Senator, were taken from those reports I so filed. I had nothing to do with their dissemination."
―Senator Gopple and Admiral Jerjerrod[2]

Hailing from a wealthy family[1] on the Core World[3] of Tinnel IV, Jerjerrod was a Human male who served as an admiral in the Galactic Republic's Navy. An ally of Palpatine, the Republic's Supreme Chancellor, Jerjerrod and his family benefited from the connections presented by his alliance with the Chancellor.[1]

During his career, Jerjerrod became concerned with the Navy's procurement policies, knowing that every piece of equipment in use—from starships to weapons—was the result of a compromise between the Galactic Senate and various commercial interests, and that much of the gear used by the Republic's enemies had likely been stolen from the military. The Admiral filed several reports regarding the matter with his superiors and colleagues within Naval Command; many of his reports were subsequently leaked to the media. Believed to be responsible for the leaks, Jerjerrod was summoned to appear before the Procurement Panel of the Senate Naval Subcommittee.[2]

The Admiral was questioned by Senator Gopple of Erigorm and Senator V'troren, both members of the Procurement Panel. Gopple accused Jerjerrod of attempting to weaken the Republic's faith in the Navy, but the Admiral maintained that he had taken the appropriate measures in filing his reports and had not been responsible for the leak. V'troren was not convinced, believing the Admiral to be the only one with the motivation required to release the reports to the media. Jerjerrod responded by hinting that there were many dissatisfied soldiers within the military who would wish to have his reports made public.[2]

Tiaan Jerjerrod, future Imperial Moff and commander of the second Death Star, was Jerjerrod's grandson.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"But if you did not leak these reports to the media, who did? Who else would have had the motivation to promulgate your particular point of view?"
―Senator V'troren[2]

Jerjerrod was noted as being fiery and resolute, traits that his grandson, Tiaan, would not possess.[1] The Admiral was particularly concerned with the Republic Navy's procurement policies, which prompted him to write several reports to Naval Command on the subject. When the contents of these documents were leaked to the public, and when the Admiral was summoned before the Naval Subcommittee's Procurement Panel, Jerjerrod denied that he was responsible for the leak. Instead, he suggested that his point of view was shared by many members of the military, and that any one of them could be responsible for the breach.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Jerjerrod first appeared in Admiral Jerjerrod's Testimony, a brief questions-and-answers session between Jerjerrod and two senators that is presented in both editions of the Imperial Sourcebook as a segment of an in-universe record. While the Imperial Sourcebook did not establish any relationship between this Jerjerrod and the character of Moff Jerjerrod from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, the former was established as the latter's grandfather in Star Wars: The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection 9.



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