Jerrod Maclain was the governor of Brentaal IV.


Jerrod Maclain 2

Jerrod Maclain during the Galactic Civil War.

Maclain's political career began during the early battles of the Clone Wars. A Republic loyalist, he was installed as the temporary governor of Brentaal after its liberation from Separatist forces under the command of Shogar Tok and the arrest of his predecessor, Arcel Mosbree, who was considered an accomplice to the Separatist attack. In 21 BBY, Maclain was formally appointed regional governor of Brentaal, which he announced to the planet's populace in a wideband broadcast.

He remained there in that capacity after the formation of the Galactic Empire, managing the political flow of Brentaal and the activities of the indigenous royal houses. Maclain was noted for his less than subtle involvement in Brentaal's local economy, supporting profitable smugglers and using his political power to tweak the stock market to his benefit. Word of his activities drifted to the highest echelons of the Empire, prompting Emperor Palpatine to dispatch Grand Admiral Rufaan Tigellinus to investigate rumors of an illegal partnership between Maclain and the Dajaal family.

No action was ever taken against Maclain for his dalliances, and he remained in control of Brentaal until the New Republic took control in the Battle of Brentaal IV weeks after the Battle of Endor.



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