Jervo Thalien was a male Skrilling who served as chairman of Lhosan Industries during the Mandalorian Wars.


In 3966 BBY, Haydel Goravvus helped Jervo establish Lhosan Industries on Taris. In exchange, Jervo, along with the other Taris companies, secretly bribed the Galactic Republic into giving Taris a seat in the Galactic Senate, with Goravvus becoming the planet's Senator.

Taris affairEdit

Shortly before the Padawan Massacre of Taris, Jervo complained to Senator Goravvus of Taris about the company's growing difficulties, in particular issues with the Black Vulkars and small-timers in the Upper City. Jervo threatened the senator with the possibility of Lhosan leaving Taris completely unless it was allowed a tax break. Just then, Zayne Carrick interrupted them falling down from the sky. However, with the news of the Massacre, Lhosan Industries did in fact pull out, due to what they saw as a security risk.

Gorravus followed Jervo all the way to Coruscant after the riots on Taris began. But since they were getting nowhere in their arguments, Gorravus threatened to expose the bribes but never got the chance as the Mandalorians invaded Taris, forcing Gorravus to return home and head the local resistance.

As the war progressed, the Supreme Chancellor became suspicious of how Taris entered the Republic so easily and send Jedi Master Raana Tey to find Gorravus. Fearful of exposition which could potentially led to Lhosan Industries being dissolved or worse, Jervo hired the Moomo Brothers to terminate Goravvus. Knowing that Goravvus was leading the Resistance in the Lower City, Jervo required the services of a lowlife who knew the place well. Learning that Marn Hierogryph, who had escaped the bombing of Serroco, was on Chandrila, Jervo sent the Moomos to fetch him, and gave the Snivvian a false impression that he planned to put Goravvus in hiding. Because Hierogryph was framed along with Carrick for the Padawan Massacre, Jervo promised to lift the charges and most of the bounties on them. Also knowing that the Chancellor sent Tey to search for the Senator, Jervo provided Hierogryph a briefcase that acted a communication device to get through even jamming signals but unknown to him it was a bomb that acted as a contingency in case Tey showed up.

When Carrick and Hierogryph got in contact with Gorravus, Jervo ordered Del Moomo to kill the Senator but Tey saved him so Jervo activated the bomb in the case. Suddenly, it failed to work, as the blaster shot Shel Jelavan fired overloaded the circuits. Gorravus negotiated a deal with Jervo to commit Lhosan resources to the front, such as his transmitter to beat jamming signals.

Jervo's world and deathEdit

Jervo's death

Jervo Thalien's death.

Hierogryph later planned to scam off Jervo Thalien, as a payback for conning him back on Taris. He infiltrated Jervo's World, a large network of swoop-dueling arenas above Pantolomin owned by Lhosan Industries, under the alias of inspector "Bulgryph Mandrake." The conman planned to use a small delay in the feed from the secondary dueling arenas to place bets on the winners before the result of the race was revealed to the audience. When Thalien learned about Snivvian's presence on his station, he became incensed, remembering the disaster of the Taris operation. He ordered the Krish who ran the arena to take down Hierogryph and all his companions. Thalien's companion, Bardron, responded by promising to arrange a series of tragic accidents in the arena. Little did both of them know that Hierogryph overheard the whole conversation while hiding in a nearby maintenance shaft. During the course of the final match, Gryph and Jarael substituted a musician's official anthem for Goethar Kleej's final speech detailing the slaving operation as well as Thalien's plan to eliminate the Kleejs, Gryph and his crew. When the crowd heard the speech, they turned on Jervo, pelting him with food and debris. Although Jervo had his people out trying to contain the public relations disaster, he told Chantique, a member of The Crucible slaving ring, that he wanted to sever ties with them. In response, Chantique strangled him to death with a long whip.



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