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Jesco Comark was an Imperial Moff who was proposed to govern Chandrila during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.


One of the few Chandrilans who shared the beliefs of Palpatine, Comark was to be rewarded by the Galactic Emperor with the position of Governor of Chandrila. However, Mon Mothma fiercely argued that Comark had little experience of governing a planet and Comark had to make do with a position within Renik, the counter-espionage branch of Imperial Intelligence.

Death Hunter project[]

It was within Renik that Comark began to divert resources into his Death Hunter project. Comark did not believe that the Galactic Empire could rely on bounty hunters for its 'dirty work' and therefore worked to create perfect killing machines, transforming captured Humans from nearby Bescane into loyal cyborg assassins. Comark used a company, Renikco located on the planet Jaemus, as a front for his plans.


His scheme was eventually foiled by Alliance agents at his base on Zeta Zero Nine, as a result of the information provided to the Alliance by Comark's own daughter, Amber. In a fierce battle, Alliance agents were able to free nearly all of the kidnapped humans. They destroyed the facility, and it was believed that Moff Comark perished in the destruction.