Jeseej was a male Sljee who operated as a forger, fortune teller, and information dealer. The owner of the restaurant Zlato's Place on Coruscant, Jeseej used it as a front for his forgery business. He was very knowledgeable about the Coruscant underworld and had a reputation among his clients for being trustworthy and providing useful information. A Force-sensitive, Jeseej also granted clients readings of their future for a fee.


The male Sljee Jeseej had for years owned the restaurant Zlato's Place on Coruscant. Zlato's Place specialized in Toydarian dishes, and a dozen Toydarians worked there. However, this restaurant was merely a front for Jeseej's forgery company, and as such, he was comfortable with the fact that the restaurant consistently failed to make a profit. In addition to the twelve Toydarians, Jeseej employed two Squibs able to duplicate an ID card in less than an hour and had a reputation as a skilled forger. In order to meet with the Sljee, a client had to give the correct password to Jessej's Toydarian host, and then pick a certain entrée off a special menu. Only then would the individual be led to see Jeseej in a small room beyond the kitchen.[1]

Jeseej was also Force-sensitive and ran a side business as a fortune teller, using his connection to the Force to predict the future for clients of the Coruscant underworld. These customers found his premonitions to be trustworthy, and many of them began focusing their black-market operations around his predictions. Jeseej had a great deal of knowledge about the Coruscant Underworld and was happy to share information in exchange for a healthy sum of credits. He was very careful to avoid attracting the attention of planetary security officials, cautiously running his businesses in secrecy.[1]

Personality and traits[]

One of the few Sljee on Coruscant, Jeseej was very well-versed in the Coruscant underlevels. He had a strong will and was skilled at gathering information. Due to this, he gained a reputation as a talented and trustworthy forger and information dealer who provided useful news. As a fortune teller, Jeseej was highly valued, and his clients found his premonitions to be advantageous and uncannily accurate. His restaurant employees were very loyal to him. Though his restaurant was unprofitable, Jeseej was unconcerned, as its true goal was to serve as a front for his less-than-legal dealings.[1]

Like all Sljee, Jeseej was blind, forcing him to require on his sense of touch and hearing. He resembled a gray table with tentacles and stumpy legs, a trait shared by all members of his species. Like other Sljee, he was easily mistaken for a motile plant or a sort of bizarre animal. He could speak both Sljee and Galactic Basic Standard, was skilled at repairing machines, and had knowledge of organic biology.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Jeseej was created for the 2003 sourcebook Coruscant and the Core Worlds. However, his first canonical mention was in an online article by Wizards of the Coast titled Jeseej and the Sljee, a preview of Coruscant and the Core Worlds. Jeseej later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008.


Notes and references[]