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"I don't mind telling you, she's half the reason I fly across the galaxy to get my power couplings serviced. Uh. Don't tell Solo I said that."

Jessa Vandangante was a female Human who was the daughter of Klaus "Doc" Vandangante and Shardra, leaders of a group of outlaw techs operating in and around the Corporate Sector. She was a tall and attractive woman, with curly blonde hair and freckles.


Shardra died while Jessa was still young, and was raised by her father. She inherited the leadership skills of both her late mother and her paternal grandmother, Carmilla Vandangante, and she was soon second-in-command of the group, leading it when Doc was called away to negotiate deals or scout new base locations.

When her father disappeared, Jessa stepped into the role of leader, keeping the band together despite panicked suggestions that the they should abandon what they had built. Suspecting that her father had been captured by the Corporate Sector Authority, Jessa made a deal with Han Solo and Chewbacca to aide a scholar on Orron III, Rekkon, in locating several missing political prisoners in the Sector. Solo not only found the Authority's secret Stars' End prison, but he destroyed it and rescued Doc and the other prisoners. Doc, Jessa, and their outlaw techs next relocated to Urdur. She and Han enjoyed a brief romance before Han returned to his smuggling ways.



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