The Jessar were a sentient species native to the planet of Qaras. In 44 ABY, the Jessar led by Rokari Kem revolted against their enslavers, the Minyavish species. The Jessar were known for their pacifism, choosing to overthrow the Minyavish government in a single night resulting in a nearly bloodless coup (and even that only after years of exhausting more peaceful solutions). Kem subsequently passed a law forbidding retaliation against the Minyavish, but later forced them to leave the planet, believing that both species needed to learn about themselves without the other. When Qaras was accepted into the Galactic Alliance, Rokari Kem was elected as the senator for the planet. She became the target of Abeloth when the dark-side creature saw her interview on the HoloNet and witnessed how deeply the Jessar people loved Rokari - going so far as to call her "Mother".

The species was described as humanoid, with slender limbs & three-fingered hands. Their skin was a pale blue and Rokari was described as having large, expressive green eyes and blue-green hair.

The Jessar believed that words have actual, physical power over things, and did not have a word in their language for deception. Therefore, the Jessar were regarded as completely honest, with slaves taking a vow of silence during the revolt rather than lie to their Minyavish masters.

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