This article is about the trader Jessica Meade. You may be looking for the Rebel Pilot Jessica.

Jessica Meade was a traveler and tramp freighter captain that R2-D2 and C-3PO met during their adventures in the early days of the Empire.


She loved traveling, and hauled freight across many starlanes. Her cumbersome flight suit earned her the nickname "Old Iron Pants." One day at Doodnik's Café on the mining world of Tyne's Horky, her attention was drawn by a sudden brawl that erupted between the local crime lord's hired goons and a handsome young miner named Jann Tosh. Meade stepped in to help by stunning the larger thugs with a miniature handheld stunner.

When Jann Tosh was looking for transport to Tammuz-an, Meade took the job. She was caught up in the intrigue surrounding the ascendancy of Mon Julpa, the rightful heir to the Tammuz-an throne. She was even captured by the would-be King, an evil vizier named Ko Zatec-Cha, but she escaped and helped in the efforts to restore Julpa as king of Tammuz-an. In gratitude, she was rewarded with a new ship, which she named the King's Ransom.

Meade next transported a cargo of fuel to Tammuz-an when her ship was raided by Kybo Ren's pirates. Kybo Ren became enamored with her fiery spirit, and made her his "personal guest." She was taken captive to his island headquarters on the watery world of Tarnoonga. There, Jessica was able to outwit the single-minded pirates. Jessica Meade served as advisor to Mon Julpa for a time before returning to the life of a trader. She had dark skin, and short black hair.


She dressed in a gray jumpsuit and carried a miniature stunner. Her bulky jumpsuit earned her the nickname "Old Iron Pants." She owned the treasury ship King's Ransom.

Behind the scenes[]

Jessica Meade was voiced by Taborah Johnson in Star Wars Droids. An action figure of her was prototyped in 1985 as part of the second wave of Kenner's Star Wars Droids line. These action figures were size-compatible with the other Kenner Star Wars action figures, but design-wise, they represented a completely different toy line. Jessica's action figure is one of several from the Droids and Ewoks line that exist only in preproduction form.



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