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"Hey, we're still on the same side in this thing. Aren't we?"
"Of course."
―Ben Skywalker and Vhool[src]

Jestat Vhool was a male Keshiri Sith Master and a member of the Lost Tribe of Sith's armada. He led three Kondo-class assault shuttles to meet with Vestara Khai on Pydyr. Upon finding Abeloth, Vhool was one of the many Sith overcome by her visions. Following her escape, he returned to his senses and stopped Luke and Ben Skywalker from leaving. However, a Jedi StealthX wing arrived soon after, attacking the Sith and letting the Skywalkers escape.


The male Keshiri Jestat Vhool was a Force-sensitive born on the planet Kesh. He reached the rank of Sith Master in the Lost Tribe of Sith, and by 44 ABY served as a commander of three Kondo-class assault shuttles in the Tribe's armada. He was stationed on Boonta, where he received a message from Sith apprentice Vestara Khai, calling for reinforcements on the moon Pydyr. Vhool traveled to Pydyr with Sith Saber Gavar Khai and High Lord Sarasu Taalon. There, they met with Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben, who had been traveling with Vestara Khai.[1]

At Taalon's discretion, the Sith decided to temporarily spare the Jedi, as Taalon wanted to learn from Abeloth what he was becoming—following his immersion in the Pool of Knowledge, he had slowly begun to transform into the same kind of entity that she was. The Sith and Jedi flew to the Fallanassi village where Abeloth was hiding, fighting their way through illusions created by the White Current. Along the way, one of the Sith shuttles, the Obuuri, was destroyed. Upon arriving in the village, Abeloth—in the body of the Fallanassi Akanah Norand Goss Pell—attacked the Sith with visions, first directed only at Gavar Khai, but then at Vhool and the entire Sith party, excepting Sarasu Taalon and Vestara Khai. To the Sith, it appeared as though they were beset by transluscent green phantoms that breathed vapor onto them, making them appear to have aged a dozen years, and stabbed them with tentacles, drawing upon their fear and becoming more opaque. The Sith scattered, fleeing from the village; some even jumped straight into the surrounding ocean to their deaths.[1]

While Vhool was beset by these visions, the Jedi confronted Abeloth, again defeating her and forcing her to flee. As she left the planet, Vhool and the other Sith slowly began to return to their senses. Vhool quickly spied Vestara Khai and the Skywalkers walking toward the Jedi's ship, the Jade Shadow. He confronted them, told them to await Taalon's arrival before they could tend to their injuries in the medbay, and instructing Khai to prepare the vessel for departure. Khai started up the Jade Shadow while Vhool returned to the battle site to find Taalon. Suddenly, a wing of Jedi StealthXs arrived to come to the Skywalkers' aide, and Vhool discovered the truth that Khai had killed Taalon—unbeknownst to him, to prevent Taalon from becoming another being like Abeloth—and began to charge the Jade Shadow calling for her to be stopped. However, Khai opened fire on the Sith with the Jade Shadow's blaster cannon, giving the Skywalkers time to make their way on board and escape.[1]


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