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"Yes, the Sith are the Destructors foretold—but fear not! For I have seen your Alanciar, and it is superior to Keshtah, in all of nature's gifts. Superior in the produce of your forests—fine, strong woods for sailing vessels. The jungles of Keshtah yield little that will bear weight. Superior in the creatures of the field—the mighty shumshur, the swift muntok. Beyond the uvak, Keshtah has no creatures that will bear the yoke."
"We ate them all."
―A Keshiri actress and jester during the Observance Day ceremonies[src]
Serp jester (SW64)

A Serp jester

A jester was a type of performer who specialized in comedy and juggling. Jesters frequently wore outlandish costumes while performing. The Alanciari, Keshiri inhabitants of the continent Alanciar on the planet Kesh, used jesters in their decennial Observance Day celebrations. The Serps of the planet Serphidi employed jesters in the castle of the King. The Yuuzhan Vong also had jesters composed of those of low class, a notable example being Onimi, who was secretly the mastermind behind the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion. A similar occupation to a jester is a clown.


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