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"I gotta get one of those..."
―Din Djarin[src]

Jetpacks were personal aerial transportation devices that allowed the operator to fly into and through the air with great mobility. Mandalorian armor was equipped with jetpacks,[2] and was used by some clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.[3]

Multiple military forces employed soldiers equipped with jetpacks, with trooper variants including the clone jetpack trooper, the Galactic Empire's jumptrooper, the First Order jet trooper,[4] and the Sith Eternal's Sith Jetpack Trooper.[5]

Known jetpack models include the JT-12 jetpack,[6] the Z-6 jetpack,[7] and rocket packs.[8]

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An Imperial Jumptrooper

Jetpacks were usually worn on the back and controlled by a wrist-mounted device. The Z-6 jetpack featured a missile that could launch from the top of the jetpack.[2] A variant was used by the various clone trooper units of the Galactic Republic's Grand Army during the Clone Wars.[9]

Notable uses[]

Bounty hunters such as Jango Fett[10], and later his son, Boba would use a jet pack in their various jobs.[11] Mandalorian factions such as the Death Watch would use jetpacks against their enemies.[2] The Republic's Grand Army's clone troopers would use jetpacks to assist them in their missions.[9] Imperial jumptroopers used jetpacks during the Galactic Civil War.[12]


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