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Jharkus Thul, nicknamed the Wolf Baron, was a Human male member of House of Thul during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire.


During the start of the Cold War, the noble houses of Alderaan, including House Thul, began a civil war in order to receive the crown after the deaths of Gaul and Silara Panteer. While the Republic was helping House of Organa, Jharkus decided to join the Empire and reclaim the crown for himself.

In 3643 BBY, while House Thul was nearly gaining the upper hand in defeating the other houses that were still loyal to the Republic, Jharkus began to lead his armies towards Castle Organa to reclaim the Spears of Organa, ancient defense turrets that were built in the bedrock. His plan was to take control over the weapons and use them to defeat House Organa, including the other houses and the Republic forces. Eventually, General Kashim and Duke Charle Remmot Organa tasked a Republic individual to retake the Spears. After the individual was able to complete the mission in taking them back, Jharkus was able to capture more than three hundred Organa citizens captive. He requested that the Duke to meet him at his estate to discuss terms in the fate of the prisoners. The Duke complied and traveled with the individual where the Baron gave them a clear access.

Demanding the baron to free the people, Jharkus was willing to make a deal in order to save the lives of the prisoners. After his bodyguard Heronus showed them a hologram of the prisoners, Jharkus decided to have Organa's ally as his prisoner since the individual was more valuable to him. The individual complied and was taken prisoner in exchange for freeing the citizens. However, when the individual was freed by Brant Sonn, Jharkus was instead captured by the Republic forces.

Personality and traitsEdit

Jharkus was quite an excellent duelist, and earned the title of the "Wolf Baron" during his rule. Thul supported the Empire, even allowing Sith to fight for him, and likely supported their cause, although his release of the hostages proved that he was not willing to go to the same depths. He was also a very competent soldier, preferring to think rationally before making a decision. He held a deep sense of honor, preferring to treat his prisoners fairly. While he would threaten to kill them if his demands weren't met, he would fulfill his promise and release them if they were. He always acted polite and courteous, even to enemies. He also always remained calm and composed, no matter how dire the situation. Even when he was captured, he refused to beg and instead counted on his allies to save him. When the Republic individual requested that Thul be unharmed, he was grateful and pleased to know that there were still honorable people on Alderaan.


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