Jhompfi was a male Brolf working under Patriot (Filvian) to assassinate Passel Argente.


In 27 BBY, Jhompfi lived in the Covered Brush housing ring and smuggled rissle sticks to Barlok's Karf population. He was among the younger Brolfi led by Filvian (codenamed 'Patriot,' working under Kinman Doriana, 'Defender') who organized themselves to gather materials needed to construct a homemade missile to use against the leader of the Corporate Alliance and the guildmaster of Barlok's mining operations as they met for negotiations.

Jhompfi, who covertly accepted a pair of burst thrusters from Duefgrin, passed the thrusters on to fellow conspirator Migress. Other items the Brolfi collected for the missile construct were explosives, a stabilization system, and alloy packing cylinders.

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