"A beautiful man. Pretty like a sunrise. Sweet like a jifcake. And sneaky like a monkey-lizard."
―Sinjir Rath Velus, on Rilo Tang — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Jifcake was a type of sweet-tasting cake. While speaking to the New Republic pilot Norra Wexley on the Outer Rim planet Akiva[1] in 4 ABY,[2] the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus compared the gunnery officer Rilo Tang to the sweetness of a jifcake, the beauty of a sunrise, and the sneakiness of a Kowakian monkey-lizard.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Jifcake was first mentioned in Aftermath, a 2015 novel written by Chuck Wendig.[1]


Notes and references[]

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