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"Jigunna is an industrial town, and Nem'ro runs most of the industry."

Jiguuna was the name of a prominent industrial town built by Bakuush on the Hutts' adopted homeworld of Nal Hutta.


Around two centuries before the Cold War, the town's founder, Bakuush, died in a mechanical accident, resulting in a power vacuum in the town between several different gangs. Another Hutt, Suudaa Nem'ro, came to control the town through blackmail and brutality, emerging from the vacuum as its undisputed ruler.

Gamorreans fighting for Nem'ro are pinned down by Fa'athra's forces.

During the Cold War, the town was the location of much violence between the forces of Nem'ro, and those of a rival Hutt, Voontara Fa'athra. Also during this era, all new arrivals to the planet were directed to the town's spaceport. Prominent visitors included the future Grand Champion of the Great Hunt, who was sponsored by the Hutt for entry into that competition, and an agent of the reconstituted Sith Empire, who convinced Nem'ro to support the Empire.



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