Jiliac Desilijic Tiron was a Hutt crime lord, the brother of Ziro, Zorba, and Pazda Desilijic Tiure, uncle of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, and the leader of the Desilijic kajidic in the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin.


Jiliac ran his crime empire from his Winter Palace on Nal Hutta and ruled Dilbana as its de facto governor. His personal yacht was the Dragon Pearl which he always kept in top condition. Near 3 BBY, Jiliac shifted his gender to female and gave birth to an unnamed offspring. Jiliac's increasing preoccupation with her child concerned Jabba, who began to covet her position and consolidate his own power.

Jiliac and Jabba were running a profitable venture supplying raw spice to the Besadii refining operations of Zavval and Teroenza on Ylesia. Besadii and Desilijic were engaged in a minor feud at the time which discouraged pilots to come and ship spice to and from Ylesia. Jiliac hired Drell pirates to attack Besadii shipping, steal the refined spice and then sell it on for a profit. This scheme was uncovered by a young Han Solo who successfully engaged the pirates. Zavval then sent Han Solo and Jalus Nebl, a Sullustan to the Winter Palace armed with a gift of a hookah pipe and a thinly veiled threat to Jiliac warning him to stop his attacks, otherwise Besadii would engage in full scale warfare. Jiliac was so incensed that he lost his temper and smashed up his throne room, telling Solo and Nebl that Zavval was a dead Hutt. He could go on pretending that he was alive, but Jiliac would have his revenge.

The death of Zavval at the hands of Han Solo, Muuurgh, and Bria Tharen left Ylesia in the precarious control of Teroenza, who was chafing at the restrictions imposed upon him and his fellow Priests at the hands of Aruk Besadii Aora. Although Besadii profits had been wiped out in the year following the death of Zavval, the kajidic bounced back increasing their fortunes exponentially and becoming more of a threat to Desilijic. In a turn of ironic events, Besadii hired some Drell pirates of their own and arranged for them to intercept Jabba's ship which was being piloted by Han Solo who was now working for Jiliac & Jabba. Fortunately for Jabba, Han Solo had already outfought Drell pirates and successfully beat them off a second time. Jiliac decided that Besadii's assassination attempts were getting a little too close for comfort and that a moratorium had to be declared buying precious time. At the same time, Jiliac decided that he wanted to have a child, changed gender, and conceived asexually. The Hutt Ruling Council met where Besadii and Desilijic were quick to begin accusing each other, pointing out the crimes of each kajidic. Jiliac maneuvered Aruk into declaring a moratorium which was extremely well received by all the clans. Upon their return to Nal Hutta, Jiliac and Jabba decided that Aruk was too powerful and too clever to be allowed to be left alive and that he should be struck through his Achilles heel; Teroenza. It was during this discussion that an underling informed the two Hutts that Moff Sarn Shild, in response to another insurrection in Imperial Space, was going to blockade Hutt Space and bring the Hutts to their knees, figuratively speaking as the Empire blamed them for weapons running to rebel groups. Jiliac sent Han Solo to Coruscant in an attempt to bribe Admiral Winstel Greelanx. The Hutts purchased a new set of planetary shields to protect themselves and bought the services of the pirate Drea Renthal

Meanwhile, Jiliac's plan to bring down Aruk was beginning to bear fruit. Teroenza finally decided to break with Besadii and secretly met with Jiliac and Jabba in deep space, where it was agreed that Jiliac would provide Teroenza with a concoction from the Malkite Poisoners which caused the erosion of higher brain functions in sentient beings, but didn't affect more primitive beings such as Nala Tree Frogs which were used as the delivery system.

The Imperials arrived in Hutt Space and began to blockade Nar Shaddaa. The smuggler fleet, led by Mako Spince, Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Salla Zend had a few tricks of their own engaged in the battle and won the day. Jiliac neglected to bring her personal yacht, the Dragon Pearl, to the Winter Palace and it was commandeered by the smugglers for use in the battle. In the midst of the post-battle chaos, Jiliac withdrew the poison and Aruk's brain went into convulsions shortly before he died.

Jiliac's victory was not to be as Durga Besadii Tai, son of Aruk, contacted Black Sun who arranged for the death of all his rivals. Besadii had a new leader and control of Ylesia remained in their grasp. Jiliac gave birth to her offspring and began spending more and more time with it delegating increasingly more tasks to Jabba. Jabba began to get more and more resentful of his aunt because of this, but didn't choose to do anything about it other than pointing out how difficult it was running the kajidic by himself.

In order to help Jabba a little, she suggested that Besadii need to be punished by the Hutt Grand Council - Besadii were not affected by the Battle of Nar Shaddaa and continued to sell slaves and spice to the Empire. She sent Jabba to represent her on the council who gave a fine speech winning over most of the Hutts there. Durga was too busy investigating his parent's death and sent Zier to represent him. A censure vote was taken and Jiliac unexpectedly turned up in the middle of the vote embarrassing Jabba in front of his fellow Hutts.

Durga's efforts to find his father's poisoner were continually frustrated in secret by Black Sun in an attempt for Prince Xizor to gain a foothold in Hutt Space. Durga went to the Prince for assistance, who revealed it was Jiliac who had purchased enough poison to bankrupt a medium-sized colony. Enraged, Durga challenged Jiliac under the Old Law. The two Hutts battled to the death. Durga had youth and speed on his side, Jiliac had size and power on hers. The two fought each other to a standstill when Jiliac saw her repulsorsled in the corner. She slithered towards it, intending to mount it and ram in into Durga, but Durga beat her there, pushed the controls with his tail switching off the repulsor, pinning Jiliac to the floor. Durga than repeatedly slammed his tail on Jiliac's head until she died and continued pounding until Jiliac was an unrecognizable mess. After the battle, Jabba went into the room and was startled when the corpse began to tremble. It was Jiliac's offspring coming out of its pouch. Although Jabba would be named unquestioned leader of the kajidic, he didn't want to leave any loose ends and smothered the Huttlet.



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