"Are you going to kill me now? Or just maim me a bit?"
"No, I'm Ordo."
"Do you always pick up women this way?"
"No, I shot Besany."
―Ordo and Jilka, rescuing Jilka from the Republic Detention Center.[src]

Jilka Zan Zentis was a female Human who worked with and was a friend of Besany Wennen in the Galactic Republic's Treasury office in Corporate Tax Enforcement. She helped Besany, who she called "Bez," find information on Dhannut Logistics for the chance to double on a date with her; Bez had every intention of setting her up with clone commando Fi until he was severely wounded in the Battle of Gaftikar.[1]

During an investigation of the Republic Treasury Audit Division, the Gurlanin Valaqil, in an attempt to divert the investigation away from Besany, planted evidence that framed Jilka for illegally accessing restricted information, which resulted in her being arrested by Republic Domestic Security.

Jilka was later rescued by Wad'e Tay'haai, Walon Vau and Ordo, who hijacked her prison transport in midair, forcing it to land. This made her a fugitive from the Republic, with wanted posters hung in cantinas all over Coruscant. She was forced to hide with Besany and Ordo. She later moved to Kyrimorut on Mandalore with Clan Skirata and developed a romantic relationship with the former clone commando Corr.[2]


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