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Jim Cummings (born November 3, 1952[1]) is a celebrated veteran voice actor whose work has appeared over a hundred productions since the mid-1980s. He is known for providing the voices of Disney characters including Winnie the Pooh since 1988, Tigger of the Pooh franchise since 1990, Darkwing Duck and other characters from the series by the same name, and the Disney villain Pete. Some of his other notable work includes the Tasmanian Devil in The Looney Tunes Show and New Looney Tunes, and several voices in the cult classic Freakazoid! He is also noted for work in video games, including several voices in the game Star Trek: Starfleet Academy and in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He is also known for providing the voice of the character Minsc in the Baldur's Gate series of games.


Jim Cummings portrayed Weequay pirate captain Hondo Ohnaka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars[2] and in Star Wars Rebels[3]. In addition, He portrayed a warehouse supervisor[4] in the season 5 premiere. He also voiced Oteg and Skylast in Star Wars: The Old Republic,[5] and provided voices in Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars[6].

Furthermore, he narrated the audiobook for the 2018 junior novel Pirate's Price.[7]



Year Title Series Contribution(s)
2009 "Dooku Captured" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka[2]
2009 "The Gungan General" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka[8]
2010 "Bounty Hunters" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka[9]
2010 "Lethal Trackdown" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka[10]
2012 "Tipping Points" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka, Guard, Rebel[11]
2012 "A Test of Strength" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka, Pirate[12]
2012 "Bound for Rescue" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka[13]
2012 "A Necessary Bond" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka[14]
2012 "Revival" Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka, Warehouse Supervisor[4]
2014 Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars Narrator, Additional Voices[6]
2015 Brothers of the Broken Horn Star Wars Rebels Hondo Ohnaka[3]
2016 Legends of the Lasat Star Wars Rebels Hondo Ohnaka[15]
2016 Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow Hondo Ohnaka, Imperial officer #1, Mining Guild Captain, Terba[16]
2016 The Test LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Hondo Ohnaka[17]
2016 The Wynkahthu Job Star Wars Rebels Hondo Ohnaka[18]
2017 The Storms of Taul LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Hondo Ohnaka[19]
2018 A Fool's Hope Star Wars Rebels Hondo Ohnaka[20]
2018 Family Reunion – and Farewell Star Wars Rebels Hondo Ohnaka, Pellaeon, Imperial Commander, Stormtrooper #3[21]
2018 Monster Misunderstanding Star Wars Forces of Destiny Naboo Guard 3[22]
2018 Triplecross Star Wars Forces of Destiny Hondo Ohnaka[23]


Year Title Contribution(s) Continuity
2011 Star Wars: The Old Republic Master Oteg, General Skylast[5] Legends
2012 Kinect Star Wars Hondo Ohnaka, Clegg Holdfast, Imperial Trooper[24] Legends
2021 Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge – Last Call Hondo Ohnaka[25] Canon


Year Title Contribution(s)
2019 Pirate's Price audiobook Narrator[26]

Other works[]

Year Title Contribution(s) Notes
2019 Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Hondo Ohnaka Voice only[27]


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