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[[File:JimCummings.jpg|thumb|Jim Cummings]]
'''Jim Cummings''' is an American veteran voice actor who portrayed [[Weequay]] [[pirate]] [[chief]] [[Hondo Ohnaka]] in the ''[[Star Wars: The Clone Wars]]'' episodes ''[[Dooku Captured]]'', ''[[The Gungan General]]'' and ''[[Bounty Hunters (episode)|Bounty Hunters]].
|name=Jim Cummings
|birth=[[November 3]], [[1950s#1952|1952]]
|occupation=*Voice actor
|SW=*''[[Star Wars: The Old Republic]]''
*[[Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV series)|''Star Wars: The Clone Wars'']]
*''[[Star Wars Rebels]]''
*''[[Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars]]''
*''[[LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures]]''
*''[[Star Wars: Forces of Destiny]]''
*''[[Pirate's Price]]''
|other=*[[Wikipedia:Aladdin (1992 Disney film)|''Aladdin'']]
*[[Wikipedia:Christopher Robin (film)|''Christopher Robin'']]
*[[Wikipedia:Darkwing Duck|''Darkwing Duck'']]
*[[Wikipedia:Hercules (1997 film)|''Hercules'']]
*[[Wikipedia:The Lion King|''The Lion King'']]
*[[Wikipedia:The Powerpuff Girls|''The Powerpuff Girls'']]
*[[Wikipedia:Sonic the Hedgehog (television series)|''Sonic SatAM'']]
*[[Wikipedia:Winnie the Pooh (franchise)|''Winnie the Pooh'']]
'''Jim Cummings''' (born [[November 3]], [[1950s#1952|1952]]) is an [[Wikipedia:American|American]] veteran voice actor and singer who portrayed [[Weequay]] [[pirate]] [[captain]] [[Hondo Ohnaka]] in [[Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV series)|''Star Wars: The Clone Wars'']] and in ''[[Star Wars Rebels]]''. He also portrayed a [[Morlimur Snugg|warehouse supervisor]] in the [[The Clone Wars: Season Five|season 5]] [[Revival (episode)|premiere]]. He also voiced the two characters [[Oteg]] and [[Skylast]] in ''[[Star Wars: The Old Republic]]'', and provided voices in ''[[Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars]]''.<ref name="IMDb">{{Imdb|url=name/nm0191906/|text=Jim Cummings}}</ref>
Cummings is a celebrated voice actor whose work has appeared over a hundred productions since the mid-1980s. He is known for providing the voices of Disney characters including Winnie the Pooh since 1988, Tigger of the ''Pooh'' franchise since 1990, Darkwing Duck and other characters from the series by the same name, and the Disney villain Pete. Some of his other notable work includes the Tasmanian Devil in [[W:c:looneytunes:The Looney Tunes Show|''The Looney Tunes Show'']] and [[W:c:looneytunes:New Looney Tunes|''New Looney Tunes'']], and several voices in the cult classic [[Wikipedia:Freakazoid!|''Freakazoid!'']] He is also noted for work in video games, including several voices in the game ''Star Trek: Starfleet Academy'' and in ''Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII''.<ref name="IMDb" /> He is also known for providing the voice of the character Minsc in the Baldur's Gate series of games.
Cummings read the audiobook for the [[2018]] junior novel ''[[Pirate's Price]]''.<ref name="Penguin">{{Penguin|books/605291/star-wars-pirates-price-by-lou-anders|Star Wars: Pirate's Price}}</ref>
==Star Wars voice work==
*''[[Star Wars: The Old Republic]]'' {{C|[[Jedi Master/Legends|Master]] [[Oteg]] / [[General/Legends|General]] [[Skylast]]}}
*[[Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV series)|''Star Wars: The Clone Wars'']]
**{{TCW|Dooku Captured}} {{C|[[Hondo Ohnaka]]}}
**{{TCW|The Gungan General}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
**{{TCW|Bounty Hunters (episode)|Bounty Hunters}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
**{{TCW|Lethal Trackdown}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
**{{TCW|Tipping Points}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka / Guard / Rebel}}
**{{TCW|A Test of Strength}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka / Pirate}}
**{{TCW|Bound for Rescue}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
**{{TCW|A Necessary Bond}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
**{{TCW|Revival (episode)|Revival}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka / Warehouse Supervisor}}
*''[[Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars]]'' {{C|Narrator}}
*''[[Star Wars Rebels]]''
**{{Rebels|Brothers of the Broken Horn}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
**{{Rebels|Legends of the Lasat}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
**''[[Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow]]'' {{C|Hondo Ohnaka, [[Imperial officer]] #1, [[Mining Guild]] [[Captain]], [[Terba]]}}
**{{Rebels|The Wynkahthu Job}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
**{{Rebels|A Fool's Hope}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
**{{Rebels|Family Reunion &ndash; and Farewell}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka, [[Gilad Pellaeon|Pellaeon]], Imperial Commander, Stormtrooper #3}}
*''[[LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures]]''
**{{The Freemaker Adventures|The Test}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
**{{The Freemaker Adventures|The Storms of Taul}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
*''[[Star Wars: Forces of Destiny]]''
**{{FOD|Monster Misunderstanding}} {{C|Naboo Guard 3}}
**{{FOD|Triplecross}} {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
*''[[Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge]]'' {{C|Hondo Ohnaka}}
==External links==
==External links==
*{{SWArchive|url=/theclonewars/news20090109cummings.html|text=Jim Cummings: Voicing a Space Pirate}}
*{{SW|url=/theclonewars/news20090109cummings.html|text=Jim Cummings: Voicing a Space Pirate}}
*{{SW|url=watch/a-test-of-strength-featurette.html|text=A Pirate's Life}}
*{{WP|Jim Cummings}}
*{{WP|Jim Cummings}}
*{{Imdb|url=name/nm0191906/|text=Jim Cummings}}
*{{Imdb|url=name/nm0191906/|text=Jim Cummings}}
*{{Twitter|Jimcummingsacme||Jim Cummings}}
==Notes and references==
|de=Jim Cummings
|fr=Jim Cummings
|nl=Jim Cummings
{{DEFAULTSORT:Cummings, Jim}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Cummings, Jim}}
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