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"Get the Big Hay-Zu, he'll know what to do."

Jimba was a female Patitite scout and warrior during the Clone Wars.


Jimba, along with fellow scout, Tagoo, led a hunting party after C-3PO and R2-D2 crashed landed on their planet Patitite Pattuna. Jimba was among the ones to lead the attack on the droids and personally jumped on top of R2-D2 to deliver the final blow. After the two droids were overpowered, Jimba called the other Patitites to tell the Big Hay-Zu for, as the overlord of the Patitite people, he would know what to do. After binding the droids down, Jimba proceeded to explain the power of the Great Hay-Zu and how he sent the "lucky" children off to fight his wars. However, R2 accidentally fell on Hay-Zu, killing him. Jimba and her fellow Patitites cheered and praised the droids as a result of this. With Tagoo, Jimba requested that C-3PO would stay as their new leader, for he was the one to defeat the Great Hay-Zu, to which he refused. After creating the foundations of democracy, the two droids left the Patitites to argue over the future leadership.

Behind the scenes[]

Jimba was voiced by David Acord in the episode "Nomad Droids."



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