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Jin-Jin, known as "Jin-Jin the Smuggler," was a Human smuggler and mercenary who roamed the Outer Rim Territories in his battered freighter, the Beggar's Solace, and who seemed to be haunted by bad luck. He was hardy and in excellent condition, and looked rather scruffy, wearing his hair in a mullet and not shaving regularly.


Imperial cannon fodderEdit

Jin-Jin was originally a TIE fighter pilot stationed at the academy on Carida, but after many a fist fight with colleagues and a couple of unsuccessful missions, Jin-Jin decided that he had enough of his career in the Galactic Empire. Realizing that TIE fighter pilots were nothing more than cannon fodder, he decided to steal an advanced TIE fighter from the hangar bay and sell it on the black market. Unfortunately, he was discovered attempting the theft even before he had entered the bay. Desperate, he blasted his way to the nearest spaceship and made off with it. That ship was an impounded tramp freighter named the Beggar's Solace. A skilled TIE fighter pilot, Jin-Jin managed to evade the TIE fighters that pursued him as he was escaping Carida into space. Bad luck struck again, and the ship's hyperdrive motivator set off prematurely and sent him off on a wild ride through hyperspace.

A trail of unfortunate eventsEdit

Jin-Jin was forced into selling many parts of the Solace to recoup his losses. Eventually, he took up a career as a smuggler and would gradually rebuild the Solace, of which he became increasingly fond, fitting it with various modifications. Jin-Jin's career was one big trail of unfortunate events in which successes were almost sure to be followed by disasters.

One time he was hired to rescue a princess from the Empire, but discovered that she was held in her own palace. He broke into the palace to rescue her and ended up in the grand hall of the palace where he was spotted by 700 of her relatives. Not wanting to any eyewitnesses the rescue of the princess, he had to kidnap all 700 of her relatives.

On another occasion, he was hired to infiltrate an Imperial base and plant some electronic bugs, but accidentally blew up the entire base instead, as he created an unstoppable power feedback by mistake.

By an unbelievable stroke of luck, he once won almost half a million credits in the Arenas of Mepha'as Prime and invested them in land estate. His luck quickly reversed, as Alderaan, where he had bought the land, was destroyed by the Empire one week later.

Personality and traitsEdit

Despite his bad luck, Jin-Jin with his Imperial training always managed to stay one step ahead of the Empire. He was incredible optimistic and determined, considering all the setbacks he had, and trusted in his own skills as a pilot. He preferred not to work for crime lords and managed not to affiliate himself with any factions during his career as a smuggler. He did, however, have a preference for jobs that would spite the Empire, which meant that he had quite a considerable bounty on his head.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jin-Jin was first mentioned in Smugglers of the Outer Rim from the fifth issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journal. In 2008, he was given an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.


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