"The jungles of Haruun Kal are the galaxy's sole source of thyssel bark, as well as portaak leaf, jinsol, tyruun, and lammas. Among others."
"Spices and exotic woods? And these are valuable enough to draw offworld emigrants? Into a war zone?"
"Have you priced thyssel bark lately?"
Palpatine and Mace Windu[2]

Jinsol was an exotic[3] type of plant-based spice found only in the jungles on the planet of Haruun Kal. It fetched a very high price offworld, so prospectors would travel there hoping to collect the spice and capitalize on the market. The prices were so high that people would try this amid heavy fighting during the Summertime War between the planet's tribes, the Korun and the Balawai. These attempts persisted[1] into 22 BBY,[4] when the factions fighting the Clone Wars began militaristically supporting the tribes and intensifying the local feud.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Jinsol was briefly mentioned in Shatterpoint, a 2003 novel by Matthew Stover. It was unclear as to whether jinsol was a spice for flavoring food or some kind of narcotic spice.[1] Jinsol later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[3]



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