"Listen, bolo-ball is really gaining popularity with local toddlers. I think that twenty years from now, Coruscant will be a feared bolo-ball planet."
―Jipoly Numifolis[src]

Jipoly Numifolis was the captain limmie player for the planet of Coruscant's team in 22 BBY. That year, the inexperienced Team Coruscant was soundly defeated by the planet of Fondor's team in the opening round of the Galactic Cup of Limmie; the score was three to one at Coruscant's own stadium. Although the loss disappointed him, Numifolis told HoloNet News reporters that he had high hopes for the future of limmie on Coruscant, a planet that did not care for the sport on the whole. He theorized that because the next generation of Coruscanti had taken to the sport, by 2 BBY his team would have a much better pool of players, making it a force to be reckoned with.[1]

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Jipoly Numifolis was mentioned in an issue of the HoloNet News feed (2002), Volume 531, Issue 47, that was published in-universe on the fourteenth day of the third month in 22 BBY. The article that references the character, titled "Coruscant Eliminated in Galactic Cup Opening Round,"[1] was written by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens.[2]

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