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"How will you fix this mess that you have made of Cularin? How will you quell a revolution that should never have had a chance to exist, let alone grow to this magnitude?"
"If nothing changes, then I'll kill them."
"All of them?"
"All of them."
―An unidentified individual and Jir Tramsig[src]

Colonel Jir Tramsig was a Human male who served as the leader of the Thaereian military forces in the Cularin system. A ruthless and ambitious man, he had a reputation for caring more for the successful completion of a mission than the welfare of his subordinates—and, as so, he was unsurprisingly disliked by the common troops. In spite of that, he was able to inspire loyalty in his men. He specifically chose the soldiers who served under him for loyalty and having similar moral outlook.[1]

Tramsig had been a devoted officer since his first days, being a talented soldier who made all the available efforts to obtain promotions. Intelligent and manipulative, he was effectively promoted, although he made a few enemies in the process.[1]

Initially assigned to a fleet, Tramsig chose promising captain Kurth San to serve in his flagship. From that point onwards, San became Tramsig's right-hand man. San was loyal to Tramsig's interests before the interests of the military.[1]


In 33 BBY, mercenary-turned-bounty hunter Tira Wils called Tramsig's attention.[1]

Around 32 BBY, Tramsig was sent to Cularin system, a then-new member of the Republic, to establish military bases for the Thaerian army, in representation of the Republic (which did not have a centralized military at that point). He had requested the assignment to the Cularin system, and it was speculated that he had been given the posting to get him out of the Thaereian system.[1]

Initially, Tramsig reviewed the troops under his commands, made some changes, and went to the system with less forces than he had been allowed. Tramsig also called Tira Wils and offered her a job as his personal bodyguard and unofficial security chief. Tramsig build his first base in Dorumaa, a moon on Almas, where he attacked the first pirate bases while surveying the Cularin situation and waited for more ships to arrive.

Tramsig built a two-division understaffed base in the platform city of Soboll, in the planet Cularin, under the command of Major San. Although Tramsig did not organize any secret operation, he maintained a high level of secrecy to avoid critical information to be filtered, such as his own strategy — Tramsig was known to make secret deals. Nevertheless, crimelord Nirama managed to put a living mole in Tramsig's base.[1]

Tramsig also had two more bases in the system, one in Dorumaa and the other in a secret location in Ostfrei. He soon had two divisions, four capital warships and eighteen patrol craft.[1]

The pirates managed to steal great quantities of material to Tramsig. Due to this, local crimelord Nirama offered to replace it at a low cost. Tramsig asked Nirama for more quantity than he had lost, and the no-nonsense alien noticed, but nevertheless fulfilled, his order. Tramsig also asked for less legal material.[1]

Tramsig and the Thaereian military also dealt with eccentric financier Qar Jalunn; Tramsig only accepted secret meetings with Jalunn, and only Tira Wils was informed to organize them. The military worked with genetic researcher Yush Baskalar, who was not happy with the agreement and did not leave because his boss, Jalunn, convinced him.[1]

Tramsig discovered that pirates hiding in the Cularin system asteroid belt ambushed incoming freighters by waiting till they leave hyperspace to pass further in-system. The Colonel reacted by sending military cruisers through that same route. In one of the ambushes, one single cruiser destroyed five pirate ships, and the other pirates suddenly became more cautious.[1]

Even after this, Tramsig did not manage to stop the pirate attacks. Although the pirates were no longer bold enough to make important raids, smaller ones were frequent, commonly whenever there were less military ships. In short term, Tramsig was unable to serve as police force, but he nevertheless disturbed the local traffic, gaining the population's scorn. Only Senator Wren, the native Tarasin species and a few gullible idealists were impressed by Tramsig's achievements.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Jir Trimsig kept his hair cut in a severe style and had an angular jaw that made him look obstinate. His uniform, which was a few sizes to small so that he filled it out, was decorated with a plethora of medals. He was ambitious and manipulative, and had been described as cold. He did not value life highly, though he would not unnecessarily waste his mens' lives. He did not like anybody, an attitude he did not hide as well as he thought he did. His heavy-handed methods, his secrecy, and his seeming ineffectiveness against the pirates (or rumored deals with criminals) made him very unpopular in the Cularin system.[1]



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