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"It's called the Bes'uliik. The Basilisk. I always had a soft spot for the ancient battle droids. Good old Mando name and old-fashioned Mando iron in a state-of-the-art package."
Jir Yomaget, discussing the Bes'uliik-class starfighter[src]

Jir Yomaget was the head of MandalMotors at the time of the Second Galactic Civil War. Yomaget came to the meeting of the clans in Keldabe on Mandalore, which many other Mandalorians also attended, where he gave half of MandalMotors profits to Mandalore to aide in the rebuilding of the planet. He would later give Mandalore Boba Fett the first look at the new Bes'uliik starfighter after the discovery of a new vein of Mandalorian iron. He would later be somewhat disappointed that Jaina Solo had not come to Mandalore in order to purchase a Bes'uliik.

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