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"They promised us wealth and power, boss. Please, forgive us. Please, don't kill us. We beg of you."
―Jiro at the mercy of Hondo Ohnaka.[src]

Jiro was a Weequay lieutenant and a member of Hondo Ohnaka's pirate gang. He was captain of a Corona-class armed frigate.


Jiro was a Weequay with a mohawk hairstyle and was handy with a blaster. In 20 BBY, he raided a cargo ship, the ALC-9, that contained Sith Lords Darth Maul and Savage Opress. As Jiro and his men were searching the ship for valuable goods, the brothers revealed themselves, Force-choking Jiro. The Sith then told Jiro to betray Hondo Ohnaka and help them form an army, promising that they would not kill him and that he would be well-rewarded. Jiro agreed, and Maul explained to Ohnaka that three of his lieutenants had defected against him, along with others that Jiro himself recruited. Jiro was somewhat unsettled by the execution of a pirate who was reluctant to join Maul's cause, but remained by Maul's side.

Subsequently, Jiro and the pirates who had followed him engaged Ohnaka's forces in an attack on his former superior's base, during which Opress murdered Jedi Councillor Adi Gallia and Ohnaka's loyalists were forced to retreat. However, Ohnaka was able to sway the loyalties of Jiro and the other pirates once more, after which recombined pirate army pursued Maul and Opress, with Jiro himself shooting and destroying one of Maul's cybernetic legs. After another pirate shot down the brother's ship, Jiro helped to salvage valuables that had survived the crash and reported that there was no sign of Maul or Opress in the wreckage, leading Hondo to believe that they had been vaporized.

Personality and traitsEdit

Jiro was greedy and cunning, and loved credits. Though initially loyal to Hondo, his loyalty was flimsy at best, and he agreed to betray his boss at the prospect of immeasurable riches. However, Hondo solidified Jiro's loyalty to him by refusing to kill him even after his treachery, and Jiro repaid this by attempting to kill Maul on Hondo's behalf.



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